Hello. I'm Kathryn

Welcome to my site

I’m Kathryn, a mum of two and a big kid at heart. I’m a food and nature lover and my happy place is outdoors in the beautiful countryside or by the sea with my family… and, of course, my trusty camera.

With a background in marketing and over ten years’ experience as a professional photographer (running Kathryn Fell Photography ) I know how to make a business stand out from the crowd.

I’ve seen the difference strong visuals and amazing photography can make to a brand and the impact speaking to clients visually can have.

I love branding, I always have, and although I’m definitely not one to brag, I’ve been told I am very good at it.

Branding shoots make my heart sing, they’re the favourite part of my job and I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the most of their talents.

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch and together we’ll reflect the brilliance of your brand. 

I'm living my dream

I worked in the food industry for years in Marketing and brand roles. The best part of my job was bringing mouthwatering melt-in-the-mouth food to life. Capturing on camera steaming puddings, perfect pastries and gastronomic works of art was a dream come true. My two passions in one. I knew I wanted to do more of this and so I took the brave decision to leave my Marketing career, and Kathryn Fell photography was born.


If I had to sum myself up…


I’m a foodie, nature/car-loving, afternoon tea connoisseur. Playful, cheeky and definitely not serious, I’m really good at putting people at ease. I’m living my dream – capturing moments in time beautifully.


If you’d like to know more, then call…. I love nothing more than a good old getting to know you chat!


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