Benefits of a Personal Brand Shoot

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It's all about you

I just want some shots of my candles/treatment room/gift vouchers…it’s not really about me.”


This is something I hear all the time from business owners, and it simply isn’t true.


Whatever your business and no matter how brilliant your product or service, it is absolutely, one hundred percent, all about you. 


And that’s why personal branding matters to you, and to your business. 


And, of course, to me.

Camera shy

I totally get it.  I hate having my photo taken and I’d much rather focus on capturing everyone else in the best possible light, but with over ten years of marketing experience behind me, I know the difference a personal brand shoot can make.


It instantly elevates your business, adds credibility, and almost always, increases engagement. 


Personal branding is much more than a headshot.  It’s your first impression, your visual voice.  The way you communicate and connect with people and showcase your brilliant personality. 

X or Y?

Let’s take business X.   Their sleek and sophisticated website is packed with facts and figures.  It’s full of information, but little else.  Their social media feed shows stock image, after stock image, but not much is known about the people delivering this (supposedly life-changing) service.


Business Y has a less informative website, but the business owner takes centre stage.  At a glance I know what her workspace looks like, that she’s a mum, her favourite colour palette and sense of style.  She seems approachable, charismatic, and if her Instagram engagement is anything to go by, very popular. 


There may be very little difference between these two businesses, but I’m going to choose Y, every time. Why? Because, by giving me a glimpse of her world, business owner Y connected with me, engaged me, and gave me a reason to believe and trust in her and what she could do for me.

It's not as hard as it sounds...

A personal brand shoot can be a stressful affair, but it shouldn’t be.   


It can be a whole heap of fun, but preparation is key. 


And that’s where I (and my decade of marketing experience) come in.  


When you book your shoot, I’ll send you my Brand Workbook so we can design it together.


Ideally, you’ll know who your ideal client is and how to appeal to them and have a sense of your brand identity – logo, design, and colour palette – but if you don’t, I can help with that too. 


Once we have that information, we’ll discuss locations, props, colour schemes and the kinds of things to wear. 


That doesn’t mean that if your brand colours are orange and purple, you’ll end up looking like an aubergine or investing in a wardrobe of things that will never see the light of day again.   Instead, we’ll think of ways to drop these colours into your photos – a pen, notepad, flowers, bowl full of oranges…


Oh, and I’m all about futureproofing, so please don’t shoot me when I ask you to wear a bobble hat in July.  I promise you’ll be grateful when you have some seasonally appropriate images to use in the depths of winter. 

Social life

Brand photography isn’t just about websites, it’s also key to engaging audiences on social too. 


You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to post regularly when you have a bank of gorgeous shots to choose from. 


And if you’re stuck in a content-rut and not sure what to post about I can help with that too.


Believe me, once you get going, there’ll be no stopping you. 


And once you see the difference having shiny new images makes to your website, your business, and the way you feel about yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  And that, my friends, is a promise!!



Please drop me a line if you would like to find out more.

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