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Benefits of a Personal Brand Shoot

It’s all about you I just want some shots of my candles/treatment room/gift vouchers…it’s not really about me.”   This is something I hear all the time from business owners, and it simply isn’t true.   Whatever your business and no matter how brilliant your product or service, it is absolutely,

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Things you need to prepare for, for a virtual mini brand shoot

Virtual Mini brand shoots I started doing Virtual mini brand shoots (by the powers of technology) during the COVID-19 Lockdowns, to help businesses have some content to tick them over on their blogs and social media pages, while In person, Personal brand shoots couldn’t take place. As we don’t have any

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Digital cameras for children and adults

How do I know what Camera to purchase for me or a loved one that is interested in Photography? It can be a real mine field out there, not knowing where to begin when trying to choose a digital camera for yourself, your child or a loved one. It is a

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Bluebells, beautiful Bluebells

I don’t think it is a secret, that the Bluebells are my favourite time of year when it comes to nature. I first started noticing Bluebells when I was driving to work about 8 years ago, the woodland opposite The Henley Business School always have had a pretty display, you could

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