Beginner Digital SLR Course

I am delighted to now offer Beginner Digital SLR phoTography courses

Online Photography Course for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to photograph ‘Off Auto’ and improve the photos you take on your Digital SLR camera?


To buy a place on the online photography course for beginners  – please click ‘Purchase here ‘ at the bottom of this page. Payment now available by Debit or Credit card. This course is £99. The pre-recorded videos can be re-watched as many times as needed. Watch at your leisure. No time limit to complete.


Who should attend?

Have you just purchased a Digital SLR camera and it is stuck in it’s box due to instruction manual overwhelm, Or have you owned one for a while and you are stuck ‘On Auto’. This online Beginner photography course will go over over and cover all the fundementals so you have the knowledge and confidence to start photographing, OFF AUTO.

This online photography course for beginners has just over 3 hours of tutorials , broken down into different modules, and covers the fundamentals of photography such as:

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Camera Set up
  • Camera settings
  • Shoot modes (Auto and Off Auto)
  • Going through Aperture & Shutter Priority and Manual
  • What is ISO /  and Whitebalance
  • How to photograph ‘Off Auto’
  • Lens choices
  • Exposure Triangle, what is it and how do they all relate to each other
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • How to achieve depth of field (that blurry affect)
  • Tips on photographing children, pets, people, nature and sunsets


Purchase here for you your someone else


Do you want to learn how to improve your photos you take of your Children, grandchildren, pets, nature or have you got a big holiday you are awaiting to book when we are out of Lockdown and can travel again?


About your tutor

That’s me! I have been a Self Employed photographer for 7 years and taught hundreds of people over the past five years, at various venues Schools and at Reading College.

I haven’t always been a Professional photographer, so I remember what it is like to treat myself to a fancy camera, look at the large instruction manual, get confused and photograph on the Auto mode for too long! Due to COVID-19 my usual In-person workshops are unable to take place so, I am taking them ONLINE.

How does the Online Masterclass course work? Once you have clicked on the Purchase here area on this page, you will be sent an email with instructions to set up an account for yourself or the person you may be purchasing for.

You will then have immediate access to the modules on the online website which has several different modules covering different topics. This means you can watch, re watch as many times as you wish and have an unlimited time to watch the Masterclass.

All the content will be split down into bitesize chunks, in modules so you can log in and watch whenever suits, all of it in one go, or access the different topics at different times and re watch anything that you may want to recap on. There will be a workbook to download too, where you can add your own notes if you wish.

In addition to the new Online log in learning platform, I will also be setting up a trial Pop up, Facebook group for just those that are signed up to this online workshop, so if you have any questions or want to share an image, you can post into the Facebook group, and as and when I will go on to help you, so hopefully that makes it a little more interactive for you. Once you have signed up, please email me, if you wish to be invited to this support photography group.


What a student said about an In person workshop – “I attended Kathryn’s “get your camera off auto” course in Feb 2019. Excellent 3 hour session that was fun, practical and insightful. She focused on hints, tips and photography basics … and that really got me thinking. Highly recommended for those who have received or has a Digital SLR camera, but are not sure of the next steps!”

David Pickering (Cookham)

NEXT DATE/S for the One off Beginner Digital SLR  (in person) Workshops

for 2021 (TBC)


*NB You do need a Digital SLR to attend the workshop rather than a Digital Compact camera, as a majority of the workshop we cover the settings ‘Off Auto’ on a Digital SLR camera. If you are purchasing this masterclass for a gift for someone, please check which camera they have first, as this is not suitable for digital point and shoot cameras.


What do you need ?

Your Digital SLR camera

Any lenses you have with the camera

Internet access to view the online workshop

A printer to print out your workbook – to add any notes


The Manual that came with your camera, if you still have it. 🙂

Please ensure your Camera battery is fully charged and you have a memory card in the camera.

A comfortable chair and a cup of tea, coffee or soft drink to while watching the videos.

If you have any questions prior to booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch.