ONLINE – Children’s Beginner Digital photography course

I am delighted to now offer Beginner Digital SLR phoTography courses

NEW ONLINE coming SOON – March 2021

I love sharing my passion of photography, and thoroughly enjoy teaching. I have taught hundreds
if not thousands over the years. I haven't always been a Professional Photographer. 
I have been on the other side, got a fancy camera, didn't know where to start, so got
stuck on photographing in Auto. I went on beginner courses and got blinded by science
and got confused, so I put this course together with a methodical approach. I am missing
teaching my 'In person ' workshops but I am enjoying putting this together online, so you can 
log in and watch the videos or listen to the audio clips and for 
ease with it being online, you can revisit any areas you need to go over again.

I have taught many 1-2-1's for children, as well as Year 10 & 12 media studies students in a 
local Secondary School and Year 6 for The Henley Youth Festival, at several local 
Primary Schools.

Who should attend?

This online course is aimed at children aged approx 8-11 and is the simplified course of my long running Beginner Digital SLR workshop for adults. Upon payment, you will receive a notification with a link to set up an account for the child or to forward to their parents. The child can then log in, on a device (Laptop or Tablet) and watch the video tutorials of me talking to camera, as I would do, explaining the areas at an Inperson workshop.

This is suitable for a child if they have  a Digital (point and shoot) camera , this course will not cover camera settings on a Digital SLR camera (for Photographing Off Auto), it will cover the basics of Digital Photography. I will be talking to camera as if I am in the same room, explaining all the areas of photography, at a suitable level for children.

The course covers the fundamentals of photography such as:

  • Basic camera settings and the difference between the 3 main camera types
  • Photographers tool box / kit
  • Photography / Photographer words and terms
  • Different types of ‘Light’
  • What is ‘ Exposure ‘ (ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture)
  • Brief History of Photography
  • Composition
  • Different types of Photography jobs
  • Practical Activities to carry out
  • Quiz

Online masterclass COMING SOON. Launch price of just £39 

Please email – before you purchase to check on launch date, currently estimated at March 2021.
Purchase here

They can log in online, and learn at their own pace, revisiting any topics if needed.

You can book an online place, by clicking at the bottom on ‘Purchase here’ Login details will be emailed through, when ready. Estimated launch w/c  22nd March 2021.

What a parent said about a  recent Photography 1-2-1

“Thank you so much for the lesson last week Kathryn, my daughter really enjoyed it, and I could hear from her giggles that she found it fun and it was so nice to hear her ask questions, she obviously felt very comfortable in your company and the level you explained things was perfect. I have seen the photos she has taken, they are amazing. Thank you for your encouragement and patience.”

The online course will be available in the New Year, payment can be made now for a gift and log in details will be emailed to you when the online masterclass is ready and live on the new online platform. Currently being filmed and worked on.  The log in details will allow you or the person you have purchased this for, to watch videos of me talking  through the online slides and a work book / notes will be available to download to refer back to or add notes.

What do you need ?

Digital point and shoot or Digital SLR camera

Internet Access to log in to the online course

A device to watch the video tutorial workshop on

A printer to print off the work book , you can download


The Manual that came with your camera, if you still have it. 🙂

A fully charged battery for your camera and the memory card in the camera