Smart Phone Photography Workshops

I run two different Smart Phone photography workshops.

GONE ONLINE – upon payment you will receive a link, which you can forward to the person you have purchased for OR set up the log in account for yourself. You will be able to access the video tutorials of me, talking to camera, going through the content I did when I have taught the many In person workshops, with some added extras to help show, and explain areas on the phone and show photography examples. You can watch the videos at your own leisure, re watch any areas you would like clarification on.

Pre Covid-19 I have taught many In person workshops, via The Henley School of Art, Thames Lido, at Reading College, for Media studies students at a secondary school as well as volunteering at The Henley Youth Festival. I was in Marketing for 13 years before I retrained to be a photographer and really enjoy sharing my passion of photography with people, be it via Smart Phones OR Digital SLR’s.

What recent online (Live zoom) attendees said ” Thank you so much for the Smart Phone workshop, it was really excellent. I picked up so many hacks, and can’t believe I have had my phone this long and didn’t realise half of what it could do. The tips you gave on light, and taking photos of people, children, nature and pets were particularly useful. It has inspired me to slow down and notice things much more. I would recommend this course to anyone.”


“Your course was absolutely wonderful, Kathryn. I have learnt so much, and can already see improvements in my photos taken on my Smart Phone. Thank you”. Mrs S Whistler.

  1. ONLINE Smart Phone photography for leisure, learning how to take ‘better’ photos, with tips on Light, composition, editing of photos, apps to use, phone hacks, Instagram, How to photograph People, improve that selfie, photographing your children, pets, nature, holidays, food.

What do you need for the online workshop?

  • Access to the Internet and a device to watch the online course on
  • A printer to print off your work book, you may wish to add your own notes
  • A fully charged Smart Phone
  • There is quite a large section on the importance of Light, so you will most likely want to watch that section or module in the day light so you can practice too.
  • A comfortable seat, and a cup of tea, coffee or soft drink while watching


Any questions please email

It is recommended to have an Iphone 7 onwards to benefit more from the online workshop. If you have an Android phone you will still be able to learn a lot about Light, composition, tips on photographing People, pets, nature etc.

This course is currently being filmed, and will be ready to view by W/c 25th January 2021, if not before.

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2. Smart Phone photography for business Social media, (In person) held at The Thames Lido,  in Reading, includes a 2 course lunch.

How to take professional looking photos with your Smart Phone for Business social media.


Arrival 9.30am (workshop until 1pm – meal 1.15pm – 2.15/2.30pm

Venue – The Thames Lido, (near Reading Train Station)

I had 13 years as a Marketing / Brand Manager, before I retrained to be a photographer. I appreciate you can’t commission a professional photoshoot for all your social media posts, and I am so passionate about supporting businesses, so they up their game with their social media presence by improving their photography for their posts.

For Printed material and websites, it is always recommended to seek advice from a Professional photographer and although, phones on cameras have improved significantly, there is a limit to what they can achieve too.

Aimed at Bloggers, Artisans, Crafters, Makers, Food Producers, Chefs / front of house team,  Creatives, Interior Designers, Hair and Make up artists, Service providers ,Personal PT Instructors, Business coaches, Social media content managers, wanting to improve their Instagram feed, which is proving so pivotal for small business. A relaxing place to learn in and a chance to casually network or collaborate too.

Have you just set up in business, been going a while or look after the social media pages for the company you work for or clients?

Are you frustrated by your photography efforts, and want to improve your photography so you can match the High level or quality of your product, brand or service? Want some inspiration on what to post?

Being visible on line and on social media is so pivotal these days.

What is covered on the workshop?

Branding / Marketing / Styling

I touch on Branding, and colour pallet,  Flat lays,  what are they are how can they be your best friend? I touch on Instagram / and  how to target your ‘ideal client’ looking at the insights on the Business Instagram (free account),


Composition, Props, Lighting, Some smart phone tips (how to photograph people, products, food,  and nail a selfie) It is important to show up on Social media and people engage really well on Social media when they see who is behind the business.

Time to practice taking flat lays (over head photo) or practice taking photos of your products or produce. Smart Phone Apps to consider to use, how to edit in camera.  Many of the tips transfer over for Facebook (Business pages) and facebook lives etc.

Please bring your own products if you are an artisan or any props if you are a service provider. (This is for the optional Flat Lay practical) Happy to help with suggestions if needed, for what to bring if you are a service provider, eg trade magazine, stationery, business cards etc. Tips will be sent out the week leading up to the workshop. Flat lays on social media, especially Instagram can help if you are stuck with content ideas on what to post and are bespoke to you.

TO BOOK – email,

 £125 pp INCLUDES

Arrival drinks, notes to take away, 2 course lunch in the restaurant

Where this workshop will have examples for Iphone users, Android phone users are welcome too.

Please come with a fully charged Phone, so you can join in with some practicals.

What previous attendees said 

” Had a fun, interactive and relaxing day with Kathryn on the Smart Phone Photography workshop for Business Instagram, Kathryn is very generous in sharing her knowledge and her instructions were clear. My photos are looking so much more professional. The venue was fabulous and  the meal was delicious. I really enjoyed meeting other local small business owners. Highly recommend. ”

The In person workshop must have atleast 5 people to go ahead.

Strictly – Non Refundable, please ensure you can make the date before booking.