Family portraits

*As featured in August 2020 Berkshire Life Magazine.

If you are thinking of having photos as a couple or for your family, a lifestyle portrait  is the perfect way to catch your family at their most relaxed and natural.  This can be in your home, garden or an agreed outdoor space.

Whether you’ve got a camera-shy teenager or a toddler who won’t sit still, going for a walk along the river, throwing leaves about in the woods or climbing in the playground lets them just be themselves. I love capturing real family moments but subtly give very gently direction so I capture you with your family or children in the ‘best light’ so to speak and have the most flattering background.

My aim is always to put your comfort and needs first, and by putting you all at ease, will not only make it more enjoyable then you thought, but help with the end results, with my calm approach and gentle direction.

I’m a mum of two boys, so I know how busy life can be, they grow up so fast, we have in the back of our minds, I must get a family portrait done and before we know it another year has whizzed by.

I had a family portrait on holiday last year. I hadn’t before because I kept thinking, I will get one when I lose weight, or change my hair style… best thing I did as it captured a very happy time of us altogether and I am actually in them for once, rather than the one taking them.

I find letting the younger children just ‘be’ and letting them burn off some energy gets the best shots and have plenty of tricks up my sleeve as a distraction if they are having a ‘moment’ like all our little darlings can, and it doesn’t phase me in the slightest. I invest high energy into each photo shoot with a calm delivery, so only photograph one family in a day. The photo shoot is usually between one to two hours but if we are all having a great time and things are flowing I will take photos until I know I have the key shots we’ve talked about.

Upon booking your family portrait, I will give tips and suggestions on how to get the best out of your photo shoot and suggestions on what to wear as a family. Styling is a big part of my photo shoots. The photos will be around for generations, so you want to look your best collectively but also feel comfortable and YOU.

I love nature and enjoy capturing families throughout the seasons. I photograph outdoors between March – October, generally avoiding winter more so when you have young children, as toddlers and babies will get too cold and red noses and cheeks, but Christmas shoots can work in the woods if you are all wrapped up.

Collections start from £300 for a selection of digital images and prints.