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Smart Phone Photography Workshops

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GOING ONLINE – by popular demand, from my sell out In-person workshops

How to take professional looking photos with your Smart Phone for Business social media

New Date – Friday 6th November, 2020

Time 10am – 12.30/45pm

Delivered  (online) via Live Zoom. Limited places, to allow for some questions.

Until In-person workshops can return, I am taking them online. Yippeee

The price of £65pp for one time only – In person workshops £125pp

Includes Notes which will be emailed to you nearer to the Masterclass

TO BOOK – email Kathrynfellphotography@hotmail.co.uk

I have just presented a bespoke Online Masterclass to the Ocado Own Brand team, and pre COVID-19 in Person to the team at Hurley House Hotel near Henley on Thames.

I had 13 years as a Marketing / Brand Manager, before I retrained to be a photographer. I appreciate you can’t commission a professional photographer for all your social media posts.

I am so passionate about supporting businesses, so you can up your game with your social media presence by improving your photography. It makes me sad when I see a fabulous business, post poor quality images, as this can be so detrimental to your product, brand or service. Your social media posts are still your online shop window!

Who is the Masterclass for?

Anyone that looks after Social media that feels they need to improve their images for their business, but in the past we have had:

Bloggers, Social media influencers, Artisans, Crafters, Makers, Food Producers, Chefs / front of house team,  Creatives, Interior Designers, Hair and Make up artists, Service providers ,Personal PT Instructors, V.A’s, Business coaches, Holistic therapists, Social media content managers, wanting to improve their Instagram feed.

Have you just set up in business, been going a while or look after the social media pages for the company you work for or your clients?

Are you frustrated by your photography efforts  and want to improve the quality of photography so you can match the High level or quality of your product, brand or service?

Want some inspiration on what to post, and brainstorm some content ideas?

Showing up online, being visible on line and on social media is so pivotal these days to communicate to your followers, clients and potential clients.

Do you want to improve your before and after photos, if you are a Hair and Make Up Artist, an Interior Designer or Architect wanting to document the process of meetings, the mood board, drawings, onsite meetings with hard hats so you have a constant flow of content for social media, a Baker, chef, florists or may be crafter or artists wanting photography and styling ideas to capture your products for social media if you can’t exhibit at the usual Christmas markets?

What is covered on the workshop?

Photography tips and hacks / Branding / Marketing / Styling /


We briefly talk about Branding, the importance of it and colour pallet


How to target your ‘ideal client’ & looking at the insights on the Business Instagram – have you moved your Instagram over to a ‘business account’


Composition, Props, Lighting, Some smart phone tips, how to photograph people, products, how to nail a selfie, & food.  It is so important to show up on Social media and people engage really well on Social media when they see who is behind the business. People buy into people, so stop being shy! x

What is a ‘flat lay’ and how to style and improve the quality of one

Smart Phone Apps to consider to use, how to edit in camera.

You may wish to have to hand or think about what small props you cold have to practice and set up a Flat lay. Information will be given upon booking for ideas.

We will touch on Instagram as the main social media platform with tips, but all the above for photography will cross over for any platform you choose to use, as well as tips to help improve your Facebook lives or videos.

There will be a couple of very brief scheduled breaks during this Masterclass to allow for a screen break, grab a drink etc.

Purchase the course here

Where this Masterclass will have examples for Iphone users, Android phone users are welcome too.

Please ensure your Smart Phone battery is fully charged.

What previous attendees on the In-person workshop said 

” Had a fun and interactive with Kathryn on the Smart Phone Photography workshop for Business Instagram, Kathryn is very generous in sharing her knowledge and her instructions were clear. My photos are looking so much more professional.  Highly recommend. ”

” I absolutely loved this workshop, I learnt so much, really enjoyed it. I have already started to put into practice what I learnt and can see a huge difference on my Social media feed, in fact it is pretty much a clear line on my grid pre workshop and after, with regards to quality and styling”


Q – I have a very old Smart Phone, can I still attend the online workshop?

A –  With technology, the newer models will of course most likely have a better quality camera, but I have had people attend the in person workshop with an Iphone 6s. The older models may not have all the functions mentioned on the masterclass, but many other aspects are transferable too, such as light, composition, editing of photos, Apps to use etc.

Q – I am a service provider not a crafter / maker, so is this masterclass still relevant to me?

A – Absolutely, although you won’t have objects or products you make to photograph, this masterclass will help you understand Light, composition, branding, styling how to target your ideal client AND how to set up some flat lays, which will be your best friend, for when you run out of content ideas, and will be bespoke to you.

Q – Do I need any other equipment for the online Masterclass?

A – I will send out information on the masterclass via email to all that book on, and suggest low cost items you may wish to consider to purchase before the date of the online masterclass, but nothing is absolutely necessary.

Q – If I can’t make the date, can I pay and watch later

A – This is a live Masterclass I am running so on hand to answer questions throughout. It will not be recorded, but other dates will be set very soon. If you can’t make this date, but interested in the next, please email me – kathrynfellphotography@hotmail.co.uk

This workshop will be limited to 16 people to ensure you can ask questions.
Strictly – Non Refundable, please ensure you can make the date before booking.

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