Smart Phone Photography for Leisure (online)


Online – pre recorded videos. Instant access to course upon payment.

Gone are the days when you needed a ‘proper camera’ to take good photos.  Now, most of us carry one around with us in our pockets.   This online course shows you what can be done with a smartphone, how to take beautiful photos, edit them, learn about composition and improve your selfies.

On this course, I guide you through clear and concise modules with recordings which you can watch as many times as you want or need to.  You can learn in your own time and around your lifestyle and at the end, you’ll have a resource you’ll always be able to refer back to.

I’ll also share tips on how to photograph the tricky subjects – children, nature and animals.

Customer review

“My sister-in-law was so delighted with your online Smart phone photography course, I have purchased it again for my mother” – Jenny Fay (Goring)


Is there a time limit to complete this course?

No, you can watch, pause the recordings, rewatch as many times as needed.

Is this course suitable for Iphones and Androids?

Yes, there are generic tips which are helpful no matter which Smart phone you use, such as composition and understanding light but there are so specific handset tips split out for Iphones and then for Androids too.

What you will need for this online course?

A fully charged Smart phone battery.

Internet access

A laptop, desk top or tablet to watch the course on

Access to a printer, if you wish to print off the notes

Time to practice


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