Children's Basic Digital Photography (online)


Online – pre recorded videos (aimed ages, approx 8-11)

This course is a simplified version of my long-running Beginner Digital SLR course and is for children aged eight to eleven who have a digital point and shoot camera, although a digital SLR camera can be used. 

By having a digital camera it gives them a little bit of independence to be creative and take photos, (rather than you keep handing over your mobile phone)

As a mum myself, I ‘get’ children and know how limited their attention spans can be.  This course is designed with that in mind.  It covers the basics of photography in bite-size chunks and there’s loads of practical activities and exercises to keep everyone engaged and entertained.  My aim is to encourage children to slow down and notice the things all around them in the home, garden and nature. 

By the end of this online course it will give children the understanding of the fundamentals of photography and the confidence and inspiration to keep picking up the camera when you are on holiday, out and about at weekends or day trips.


I’m an experienced teacher, having worked in local primary schools via The Henley Youth Festival, with media studies students at secondary schools and at Reading College.  I also offer 1-2-1 sessions for children.

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Is there a time limit when to complete the course?

No, the pre-recorded modules can be watched, paused, rewatched as many times as needed.

What type of camera do you suggest?

A simple point and shoot digital camera is just fine and lighter to hold than a Digital SLR camera. You can see my blog here for more information – 


Can my child do this online on their own?

It has been put together so they can watch the various pre recorded modules on their own if they wish, or perhaps they want to sit down with an older sibling or family member? The activities and challenges set at the end of each module may require some help, for example if you go for a walk together in the countryside so you may be able to enjoy this bit together, but there are some suggestions to do which can be carried out in the safety of your home or garden.


What you will need for this online course?

Your Digital camera with a fully charged battery.

Memory card for the camera

Internet access

A laptop, desk top or tablet to watch the course on

Access to a printer, if you wish to print off the notes

Time to practice


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