The Complete Beginner Digital SLR Masterclass (Online)


Online – pre recorded videos, instant access to course upon payment

If you want to learn how to photograph ‘off auto’ and improve the images you take on your digital SLR camera, then this is the course for you or loved one.  You’ll need your own digital SLR camera, so please check first,  if you’re buying this as a gift for someone.

On this course, I guide you through clear and concise modules with recordings which you can watch as many times as you want or need to.  You can learn in your own time and around your lifestyle and at the end, you’ll have a resource you’ll always be able to refer back to.

The modules cover everything from setting up the camera to shoot modes, white balance, composition, lens choices, lighting and depth of field (how to achieve that blurry effect).  I also show you how to capture the trickiest of subjects – children, animals and nature. 

Customer review

I’m really enjoying the online Beginner Digital SLR course, it’s great as I can go back over things to remind myself. (Liz Roginski)

What you will need for this online course.

Your Digital SLR camera with a fully charged battery.

Memory card for the camera

Internet access

A laptop, desk top or tablet to watch the course on

Access to a printer, if you wish to print off the notes

Time to practice



Is there a time limit to complete this course?

No, you can watch, pause, re watch as many times as needed.


Comes with a Closed Facebook group, where you can ask questions and or share photos. This is a trial at present. Please email with your name or the name of who purchased it for you so I can add you to it. Thank you.



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