Things you need to prepare for, for a virtual mini brand shoot

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Virtual Mini brand shoots

I started doing Virtual mini brand shoots (by the powers of technology) during the COVID-19 Lockdowns, to help businesses have some content to tick them over on their blogs and social media pages, while In person, Personal brand shoots couldn’t take place.

As we don’t have any In person meetings, network meetings, some of us are unable to carry out our jobs face to face, it can make things much more difficult to have things to talk about or post on our social media pages, but also with my previous Marketing hat on, it is even more important to stay visible online, so you continue to be in clients and potential clients minds when the restrictions start to get eased.

How do Virtual Mini brand shoots work?

The photos below, are from a recent Virtual mini brand shoot, we were 115 miles apart, so all done remotely through an App on my clients Smart Phone and my laptop, so neither of us had to step a foot outside our front doors, Magic or what?!

These of course can never replace a Professional Personal brand shoot, and they are purely for social media purposes, not intended for websites or printed materials.

The most important thing for a Virtual mini brand shoot is the available light. The Virtual mini brand shoots, must take place in day light but even then, the available light may not be quite good enough. As I won’t be there with my speedlight flash or Portable soft box studio lights, sometimes a bit of an helping hand is just the ticket and can be a real game changer for the image results.

The Virtual Mini brand shoot comes with a courtesy pre shoot consultation, where we talk about your business, your main objectives and what messaging can you or do you want to talk about on your blogs or social media. I also give alot of suggestions and tips on clothing, props, how to dress your workspace, room etc to get in Virtual mini brand shoot ready.

What Ring light shall I use?

I am often asked what I use on my Zoom calls when I am doing my Pre shoot consultations so here is a list with links for Lighting and tripods you may find useful, and can carry on using them after for your video calls and photos you may take on your Smart phone for your business social media.

Ring lights with Smart Phone holders

This is a taller tripod, so you can extend the legs and the smart phone holder can rotate, I got this for my niece who does Make up tutorials and Instagram reels and she absolutely loves this.

I use this Desk top ring light that sits on my desk, it has a Smart Phone holder too. You can change the brightness and has 3 colours of light.

Other Accessories

I have also had people ask about my USB camera, as my laptops inbuilt camera is at the bottom of the screen, which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad for up nose and showing lots of my chins, so I purchased a new one, that plugs into the USB port.

USB camera for Video calls –

In the photo (top right corner) also is my beloved Blue Yeti Microphone. I got this when I recorded my Photography courses to go online, made a huge difference to the audio quality and it looks quite retro and pretty on the desk too, (should you be doing Podcasts or taking anything online too) –

Flat lay below – during a Virtual Mini brand shoot.

Virtual Mini brand shoots are only available during the COVID lockdown times in the UK, or come courtesy when booking the top collection of my In person , Personal brand shoots. These are up to 3 hours and 3 locations and include multiple outfit changes, The Virtual mini brand shoot can be taken up to 6 months later, so can capture a different season or have anything you need to show that is new or changed, to top up your collection of images from your Personal Brand shoot.

Please drop me a line if you would like to find out more.

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