Elevate your brand – Work with me for a year

Elevate membership program for small business owners

Save over £1,800 with this collection.

This is not just a brand shoot!

It includes 2 Brand shoots for your business AND much, much more!

  • Brand photo shoot with a design and planning session – and marketing 1-2-1 session
  • A top up brand shoot later in the year
  • Goal setting
  • One to one marketing support, firstly a plan for 2024 than two, one to one sessions that can be taken throughout the 12 months to help keep you on track
  • Social media content plan with your photos from the brand shoot
  • Graphics for Social media
  • Behind the scenes short video clips
  • Small and select group with fellow small business owners
  • Accountability, motivation and support
  • Feel part of a business community
  • Each person given a fair platform and voice
  • Monthly online group calls start in March
  • Split payments over 12 months, or pay in one go upfront.


The Doors are open,

Introducing the Elevate / work with me for a year collection

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I love working with and helping businesses like yours. I love seeing good people that work hard, succeed and be happy in what they do.
I also understand that running your own business is not always easy.
At times you can feel like you are in a hamster wheel, fire fighting, making decisions, or procrastinating so much, putting off doing things.
It can feel a bit isolating at times.
Having run a couple of surveys on LinkedIn and Instagram, 85% of business owners said the biggest struggle they had was their marketing and social media.
I am really passionate about supporting other business owners, and I do become one of your biggest cheer leaders when I am working with you, to help design and plan your brand shoot.
I wanted to work with my clients beyond the brand shoot and so…. ‘Work with me for a year’ / Elevate collection was born.
This is not just any offering, this is a Brand photography by Kathryn, brand shoot and so much M O R E.
I’m Kathryn a seasoned brand photographer near Henley on Thames and Reading, with over 10 years marketing experience at some of the UK’s most recognisable brands, and 12 years running her own business.
As we enter 2024, I’m thrilled to introduce a transformative offering that will propel your business forward.
Introducing – ‘Elevate your business’ work with me for a year, collection.
It’s a comprehensive collection designed to be your partner in success. And includes:
* A brand shoot – strategically designed with a purpose. Giving you over 125 ‘On brand’ images to help attract more of your ideal clients and show case your products /services. (Worth £1,295)
* A top up brand shoot, later in the year to capture a different season or another product / service launch – Worth £799
* Goal setting, Marketing support – A marketing plan for 2024 and two 60 minute 1-2-1 Marketing sessions over the year to help keep you on track – worth £1,495
* Social media content plan – help craft compelling social media content to engage your audience and make the most of your brand shoot photos – worth £399
* Social media content support – Graphics for social media, a LinkedIn banner, as well as some short ‘behind the scenes’ video clips from your brand shoot to enhance your content – worth £250


AND There is more
* Access to an exclusive membership group: You’ll join a small and selected group of up to 4/5 other like-minded local business owners. A safe place to discuss your pain points / struggles, celebrate your wins, and receive motivation, support, encouragement and accountability.
You will have the chance to present a question for feedback, and or I will talk through some business and marketing tips each month in the group.
I am a qualified Marketer, having studied with The Chartered Institute of Marketing and hold my membership with them, this gives me access to reports, Industry updates, case studies and continued learning, of which I can help pass on and apply with the elevator group and when we have our 1-2-1’s with your marketing support.
I also go on various workshops and training courses throughout the year so will happily feed back any learnings that I feel relevant to you or a whole group, be it, business, social media platform etc
How will the group calls work?
Each elevate member will decide on one big task or a few small tasks they pledge to have moved forward by the next group call.
I will keep a record of these and then next meeting we talk through achievements or you can submit them to me privately which makes you accountable and helps reduce procrastination. (I have been there done that, got several T-shirts)
There will be a private closed group Facebook group for you (to participate with as much or as little as you wish) to share and engage with each other, and group meetings will be online via zoom link. They will be recorded where possible, we will meet in person as a group several times over the 12 months, which will be in the Henley on Thames area. I would aim to have the first group call by End of April and try to meet in person as a group in May.
Brand photography by Kathryn shoots are more than a brand shoot, they always have been. With years in Marketing, studying with The Chartered Institute of Marketing and holding the Professional Diploma, I really know how to help make your business S H I N E, and you deserve to have the business you dream of.
Add to that the support, motivation, and camaraderie of a group dedicated to propelling your business forward.
SIGN up to all of the above, and you will save over £2,400 (if purchased separately)
This is a commitment and an investment. I know it can be a bit daunting, but I also know if you want to make positive changes in your business, you need to investment, time, money and energy.
I have invested tens of thousands of pounds now with my Marketing studies / degree, Photography training, Equipment, top up courses, Business and mindset coaches, business and social media workshops and courses.
So I understand it may be a considered decision. That is why I invite a no obligation call to chat over if this is right for you.
This group is for sole traders or very small businesses that are ready to grow, be visible and willing to learn and support their group.
When I work with my brand clients they get everything I have to give, passion, creativity, sign posting to other business support services, a the biggest cheer leader in the land for you.
Are you ready to invest in the business you deserve?
Close your eyes, think a year ahead from now, you have signed up to ‘Elevate / work with me for a year’ and you have:
  • A beautiful collection of bespoke, on brand images
  • Social media in place with a plan
  • You feel part of a community
  • Feel more in control
  • Feel less stuck
  • Made a strong connection with fellow supportive business owners going through the same process
  • Cheer leaders that have your back
  • A small team to brainstorm with and a confidential sounding board
  • You’ve saved so much time as you don’t need to procrastinate about what to post about on your Social media or LinkedIn
  • Email newsletters going out
  • You have pushed your business forward
  • You feel happy
  • Your business is starting to take shape where you want it to be
Ready to take action?
Please fill out the contact form on the website / or email – kathrynfellphotography@gmail.com OR arrange a no obligation chat message me on 07958 371 770.
It really is a no obligation chat, I would never pressure anyone into a brand shoot or joining the Work with me for a year collection, as it has to be right for you and you need to be right for the group.
I work mainly with businesses in – South Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and North Hampshire, however if you are interested please do get in touch, and lets chat. I travelled to Norfolk last year for a brilliant client, and have had clients travel a distance to me for their shoot.
Monthly payments split over 12 months.
How much is all this?
Just £222 per month
  • Which can be paid in one go
  • by Credit card /Debit card each month
  • or you can pay a larger deposit to reduce the monthly payments
  • (happy to accommodate a way that suits you)
A brand shoot on it’s own – is £1,295 but the ‘Elevate collection’ gives you this plus a lot more and the ease of spreading costs over 1 year with the added benefits and extra support, motivation, accountability.
You can see some further brand photography examples here


Brand shoot testimonials

“Thank you for you for the amazing photoshoot, you really got me and the photos are going to be so useful in all my online marketing”

Jennifer (Salsa teacher) Henley on Thames


“You made me feel like I have a valid business. I was so worried about having my photos taken, but you made it fun and easy. Oh it was so much fun and the photos you took are some of the best photos I’ve ever had taken. I’m so grateful to you for such a special experience and brilliant photos to help market myself”.

Jo Harris – Artist / Henley School of Art


Benefits of a Brand shoot 

  • Increases confidence – as you will have images you like of yourself
  • Creates a strong visual brand identity
  • Makes social media feel much easier
  • Saves you time (no more using stock images)
  • Have on brand images that attract your ideal clients
  • Empowers you
  • Makes you feel professional
  • Gives a great first good impression to your potential customers/ clients
  • Have a huge variety of images that can be used for Profile images, LinkedIn, Email signature, Printed Marketing materials, Award application packs, Press Releases, Guest speaker spots, Websites, blogs, newsletters, launches of new products or services – Use of brand shoot images can go so much further than a 1 off headshot.
Here is a blog about the benefits of a Brand shoot


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